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Required Documents

If you are notified that you are selected from the random selection process to complete a full application, you will have 10 business days to provide the full application and all supporting documents listed below. 

Once you receive notice of eligibility through random selection please provide Passaic County Habitat with copies of the following (we do not accept originals):

  • Copy of credit report for applicant and co-applicant.

  • Copy of last four (4) or six (6) pay stubs. If self–employed, provide last two (2) quarters of profit / loss statements for ALL household members. They must be consecutive.

  • Two (2) years of federal AND state tax returns (w-2 forms attached) for household members 18 years and over.

  • For all household members provide: 

    • Copy of most recent consecutive savings and checking account statements (3 months).

    • Copy of most recent pension statement, if any.

    • Verification of supplemental income if any, i.e.: child support, social security.

    • Child support – court judgment or current 6 months check stubs

    • Social security – current statement of benefit letter

    • Other – provide evidence of any other benefits

    • Letter from employer stating the length of service and salary (on employer letterhead) for all household members and if overtime is mandatory or voluntary if applicable.

    • Social security card(s).

  • Additional information may be required upon request based on your personal situation.


Contact our Homeowner Services Department.

973-595-6868 ext 113

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