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Global Building

Serving more families

Not only does Passaic County HFH build and repair homes with families in Passaic County, but we also contribute to international development projects around the world through our tradition of tithing and our Travel with a Purpose volunteer trips.


Tithing 10% of our unrestricted funds allows Habitat affiliates an opportunity to share their resources with developing countries throughout the world, and to have both a global and a local home-building impact.


Since 1984, Passaic County Habitat has supported the construction of hundreds of international homes through tithing.  

Our Tithe

Our Global Partners - where we have tithed and volunteered: 
  • Kenya

  • Malawi

  • Nepal

  • Argentina

  • Jordan 

  • Vietnam


Our U.S. Partners - where we have volunteered:

  • Gulf Coast, New Orleans (Hurricane Katrina) 

  • South New Jersey (Hurricane Sandy)  

Travel with A Purpose

Based on the latest information from the World Health Organization and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Habitat for Humanity International is suspending all Global Village volunteer builds.

Every donation helps a family build a place to call home.

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