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Vendors & Contractors

Open Bids | RFPs

Geotechnical Services
231-237 Summer St., Paterson
Multiple Locations, Paterson
Soil Services 
231-237 Summer St., Paterson
236-238 Summer St., Paterson
Critical Repairs
18 John St., Haledon
8 John St., West Milford
244 North 13th Pl. Prospect Park
15 Garfield Ave. Paterson, 
14 Stansby Rd., Hewitt
11 Newfield Rd., Hewitt
Snow Removal
Multiple Addresses, Paterson
Clinton Street Park
Clinton Street, 
Passaic County HFH
146 North 1st Street, Paterson
221-223 Summer Street,
205-207 Summer Street, 
45 Auburn Street, 
101 North 3rd Street, 
159-163 North Main
Street, Paterson
135 Summer Street,

Vendor Solicitation Methods

All procurement transactions entered into by the Passaic County Habitat regardless of whether negotiated or advertised and without regard to dollar value shall be conducted in a manner so as to provide maximum open and free competition.

  • Service Providers will be pre-qualified (Form Q) in order to participate in the bid process. New service providers will have the opportunity to pre-qualify and participate as part of or during a procurement process.

  • Pre-qualification is not required with supplier-only relationships but the intent for best value applies.

  • Pre-qualification is open and ongoing

  • Proposals from qualified service providers will be solicited and evaluated based on predefined criteria

  • Project resources will be solicited as per project requirements and as specified.

  • Building Products will be selected based on best quality and best price including green attributes and other external requirements as designated by the specific green building program requirements in which PCHFH is participating.

  • Passaic County Habitat keeps records of vendor contacts and updates these records regularly

  • PCHFH seeks to avoid organizational conflicts of interest or non-competitive practices among contractors that may restrict or eliminate competition or otherwise restrain trade.

SBE, MBE, WBE & firms located in the area of a Passaic County Habitat project

Passaic County Habitat shall make efforts to ensure that small (SBE), minority-owned (MBE), women’s business enterprises (WBE) and individuals or firms located in or owned in substantial part by persons residing in the area of a PCHFH project are qualified and procured when possible. 

PCHFH will do their best efforts to:

Every donation helps a family build a place to call home.

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