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Passaic County Habitat for Humanity (PCHFH) is an Energy Star Certified OSHA compliant primarily new construction builder providing affordable, energy efficient and healthy homes to qualified first time home buyers in Paterson NJ. We celebrated our 30th Anniversary in 2015 and have built over 265 homes in Paterson, primarily in the 1st and 4th Wards. Our offices are located in the 1st Ward of Paterson at 146 North 1st Street.

One of the ways the homes are made affordable is by keeping the cost of construction as low as possible by using volunteers to participate in certain aspects of the construction process such as framing, painting, flooring and landscaping. PHFH’s volunteers are fully covered by volunteer accidental insurance and liability insurance and are supervised by PHFH’s professional staff.

Passaic County Habitat procures service providers and licensed experts and works with building materials suppliers for certain new construction and related community building activities; this document should serve to provide information and related expectations for specific areas of work opportunity and for participating in our procurement process. Consider becoming qualified to participate with Passaic County Habitat for Humanity in our sustainable building efforts.

Key project requirements:
  • Affordable

  • Energy Efficiency: Energy Star Certified Level 3

  • Quality including Healthy Indoor Air Quality

  • OSHA Compliance

Project Description
& Service Needs

All contractors and service providers must assure that respective technical specifications are met minimally as related to Energy Star Tier Version 3 including a tight Thermal Envelope, Site Orientation within urban parameters, Moisture Management, a team approach that assures efficient HVAC and Water design, an organized installation along with assurance of and often sign off on mandatory checklists and applicable third parry quality and durability requirements.

Where applicable and as noted contractors must provide PCHFH with materials lists in advance of project work and in line with Energy Star and related green building requirements.

PCHFH may choose to procure materials to leverage their negotiated vendor rates; additionally, PCHFH does not pay sales tax and can provide supporting documentation as required.

Licensed Service needs:

  • Architects (LEED AP required)

  • Plumbing Contractors*

  • Electrical Contracting*

  • Structural Engineers Design Services including AIA collaboration

  • HVAC/Mechanical Design & Implementation (Energy Star certified required) including material list.

  • Environmental Engineers

*Efficient Design & Implementation specifications required including materials list.

Consistent Project Service needs:

  • Excavators and site conditioning activities

  • Sewer connections

  • Masons and installers of curbs, sidewalks, driveways and at times handicapped ramps

  • Fencing and Railing Design and Installation

  • Drywall Systems Implementation

  • Carpeting

  • Facades


AdHoc Project Service Needs:

  • Asbestos/Hazard testing and Abatement

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems Design and Implementation

  • Solar Photo Voltaic Design and Implementation

  • Tree Services

  • Spray Foam Insulation

  • Demolition

  • General Contracting


Materials and resources preferences:

  • Durable long-lived building materials and assemblies

  • Recycled-content materials

  • Sustainably harvested materials

  • Safer, less toxic, low VOC and formaldehyde free materials confirmed with MSDS

  • Resource efficiency and waste reduction

  • 3rd party quality certifications such as: Energy Star, Greenguard, Cradle to Cradle


Indoor environmental quality and health:

  • Products and systems to maintain indoor air quality (low V.O.C. and Moisture Management)

  • Pollution reduction, worker and occupant safety throughout the building process

  • Warranty, maintenance and consideration for long term building operations

Submission & Evaluation

Please express your interest in these areas of opportunity by requesting a pre-qualification form by emailing or contacting our office at 973-595-6868; electronic communications are preferred but are not required.

  • Our pre-qualification form can be utilized for all areas of interest and in which you can identify your area(s) of expertise.

  • Assistance in completing the pre-qualification form, viewing of plans and further project discussions can be arranged by appointment during office hours, 9:00-4:30 Monday or Wednesday. Other times may be made available if needed.

  • Project documents may be obtained during office hours, 8:30-5:00 M-F with advance scheduling and assuming qualifications are in order.

  • Paterson Habitat reserves to right to hold fees for plans borrowed and retain said fees if borrowed plans are not returned. Plans can be emailed without a borrowing fee.


All candidates must submit pre-qualification to be considered for any opportunity. Submission of a pre-qualification constitutes permission from the Applicant for Paterson Habitat for Humanity to make inquiries concerning the Applicant such as reference checks, as Paterson Habitat for Humanity deems necessary.

  • Pre-qualification process is open and ongoing.

  • Pre-qualified candidates will be contacted first with current and new opportunities.

  • Contractors can pre-qualify and bid in the same submittal.

  • Pre-qualification requires proof of current insurance; Paterson Habitat must have a current insurance certification to Paterson Habitat, on file for all contractors prior to showing up on the job site.

  • Pre-qualified clients are referred to community members when respective service opportunity needs arise unless we are instructed not to refer.

Review & Selection

Along with specific experience in area of service as described above, commitment to affordable housing, smart growth and green building are the primary evaluation criteria applied. Local, small and minority owned businesses are encouraged to apply.

From these main evaluation criteria we also find that preferred members of the Habitat service team have:

  • Demonstrated excellence in their areas of expertise

  • Willingness to work with city officials to define and support code inquiries; provide documentation as required for approvals and inspections.

  • An understanding of the Habitat model and volunteer engagement

  • Guidance in specifying green building products and alternative methods that are affordable with consideration for first and life cycle costs; willingness to discuss trade offs in this vein.

  • Team meeting participation, progress communications and site reviews as deemed mutually necessary to assure clarity and quality of delivered services.

  • A whole systems approach to building and a team based approach to facilitate energy and human efficient electrical, mechanical and water design goals as applicable for your contract.

  • Service as if this was their own home with beauty and dignity

Contract Requirements

Paterson Habitat has a standard contract that is used in line with Procurement and Board approval policies.


  • Scope of Work - Contractors proposal including material list can be incorporated into scope of work.

  • Payment Terms are linked to City approvals such as permits

  • Compliance with all regulations is mandatory including:

    • OSHA

    • Equal Employment Opportunity

    • Anti-Kickback Act

    • Drug-Free Workplace Act

    • Lobbying and Debarment

    • Davis Bacon when applicable.

    • Termination Clause

    • Transparency of record keeping

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