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Rosa Parks

Paterson's Rosa Parks Neighborhood

Want to make a difference in the Rosa Parks Neighborhood?  Do you have ideas about how to improve your community?  Be a part of the planning process to make the Rosa Parks Neighborhood eligible for  Neighborhood Revitalization tax credits (NRTC).  NRTC allows residents to develop a plan and gain funding for programs and services that they have determined will make a difference in their community.

Physical copies are available at our office for your review.

What is the NRTC Program:

The Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit Program (NRTC) fosters the revitalization of neighborhoods. NRTC offers business entities a 100 percent tax credit against various New Jersey state taxes in exchange for investments in improving low- and moderate-income neighborhoods according to an official Neighborhood Plan produced through a community-driven process.

What is a Neighborhood Plan:

Neighborhood plans are a comprehensive set of strategies to improve the community. The plan empowers community residents and other stakeholders to have a voice and work together to plan and implement community-driven strategies that promote change in the community. It is the ticket to access NRTC grant funds.

What does the planning process involve:

A lead non-profit organization (PCHFH) and other community stakeholders create a steering committee to guide community members through a series of community engagement activities designed to gain insight into community needs. The engagement activities include community meetings, focus group interviews, surveys, online engagement, and other planning exercises. These insights are used to create a neighborhood plan to guide the potential investment of NRTC funds.

Area Map

4th Ward Focus Area

Passaic County Habitat has built over 125 homes in Paterson's 4th Ward. See the map below for a more detailed look at our focus area in the 4th Ward and the homes we have built. 

PHFH 4th Ward_edited.jpg

Every donation helps a family build a place to call home.

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